Fredericton Cupping Therapy

Cupping & Cupping Massage

Considered a form of acupuncture, cupping uses plastic or glass cups applied to the body; the air is then suctioned out using a small manual pump. This suction stimulates acupressure points, increases blood flow and releases myofascial restrictions and muscle spasms. Once the cups are attached they are left on the skin for 5 to 15 minutes or moved around to perform deep tissue massage (cupping massage). The strong suction separates the fascial and muscle layers and instantly increases range of motion. Cupping and cupping massage are very effective in treating pain due to soft tissue injuries, arthritis, disc degeneration etc. Cupping also works well on scars and cellulite and can be used over lung areas to relief congestion and help with breathing.

Cupping may leave marks on the skin which may last for a few days.

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